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Ellen Vanvlasselaer

Business Development Director

Need temporary reinforcement?

Sometimes the work piles up for a while and you need a few Xtra hands. We can provide you with that, with the right expertise and only for the time you really need.We have our own team of +200 consultants in Finance, Legal, HR and Marketing who bring their knowledge and experience from various projects to your company.Their experience and flexibility mean they will be in place in no time to temporarily strengthen you and your team. We also continue to mentor and develop them further, using the ACES quality process to do so.

For more than 15 years, we have been bringing people and businesses together.Every year, we carry out +400 projects at various top organisations in a wide variety of sectors, corporate cultures and levels.Do you need temporary reinforcement to ensure the continuity of your team or organisation? We always find the perfect match between your specific needs and the knowledge, experience and skills of our consultants. 

Let's talk

Ellen Vanvlasselaer

Business Development Director

Consultancy in four areas

Our customers

go for continuity and growth

with temporary reinforcement by our Xperts

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Among our customers, we see four major problems recurring, compromising their continuity:

  1. Scarcity in the labour market: finding the right people with the right skills is difficult. Moreover, these skills are constantly evolving.
  2. Lots of movement and little retention: because of layoffs, pregnancies, long-term illness, promotion, etc.
  3. Increased workload: results must be better with less. But also an increased focus on employee well-being.
  4. Xtra projects: need for specific knowledge and productivity, e.g. when implementing a new ERP package, a rebranding, digitisation, etc.
The solution? With the help of temporary reinforcement by the right consultants, you create room for growth.


Need temporary reinforcement in your Finance, Legal, HR or Marketing team?
We provide consultants with the right expertise.

Why clearxperts?

We go the Xtra mile

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Xtra human

At clearXperts, we take a human-first approach. Personal contact and a professional relationship with each customer is a top priority for us. We really want to get to know you so that we can fulfil your possible needs and wishes in the best possible way.

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Xtra experience

We have experience with projects in various sectors, diverse corporate cultures and at all levels. Moreover, we invest a lot in the professional and personal development of our people. And we like to share that knowledge with our customers.

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Xtra flexibility

Thanks to our flexible structure, we can move quickly. Need temporary reinforcement in your team? Then we will find the right match within 48 hours.

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Xtra offer

At clearXperts, we strive to be a unique partner for our clients, offering an all-round range of temporary support and expertise.

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Need temporary reinforcement?