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Ellen Vanvlasselaer

Business Development Director

Need talent advice?


Employees who can use their talents are happier, more successful and more engaged. The clearXperts Talent Management team offers extensive experience and expertise in assessment & development centres, coaching and tailor-made HR processes.

Together with your HR professionals, we ensure that talent ends up in the right place in your organisation, with the right support and resources. This way, we not only boost work happiness and engagement, but also the efficiency of your working capital.

Let's talk

Ellen Vanvlasselaer

Business Development Director

Our Talent Management solutions


Are you looking for the right candidate for a particular job? Based on our validated assessment methods, we provide specific advice on candidates’ potential.


Do you want to pursue the development of your employees? Together with you, we discover your employees’ potential talents and try to bring out the best in them.


Do your employees need personal coaching? With coaching, we focus on your employees’ soft skills. We provide 1-on-1 coaching of pre-defined working points.

Tailored advice

Do you need specific HR advice in your recruitment or advancement processes? For example, do you want to commit to an appropriate evaluation cycle? We work out a customised process tailored to your organisation.


Ben je op zoek naar de juiste kandidaat voor een bepaalde functie? Op basis van onze gevalideerde assessment methodes geven we specifiek advies over het potentieel van kandidaten.


Wil je inzetten op de ontwikkeling van je werknemers? Samen met jou ontdekken we de potentiële talenten van je medewerkers en trachten we het beste in hen naar boven te brengen.


Hebben je medewerkers nood aan persoonlijke begeleiding? Met coaching zetten we in op de soft skills van je medewerkers. We zorgen voor 1 op 1 begeleiding van vooraf vastgestelde werkpunten.

Advies op maat

Heb je specifiek HR advies nodig in je rekruterings- of doorgroeiprocessen? Wil je bijvoorbeeld inzetten op een passende evaluatiecyclus? Wij werken een aangepast proces uit, op maat van je organisatie.

HR cycle


Want to detect, evaluate or grow the right talent?
We provide customized HR advice.
employer journey

Specializing in inflow and throughput

Recruiting processes > based on our validated assessment tools and methods, we create manuals for HR professionals.

Internal growth processes > through workshops or personal coaching, we bring out the best in your employees.

We do this using:

Personality Analysis
Motivational analyses
Cognitive analyses
Skill analyses
Business cases
Role Play
In-depth interviews

Why clearxperts?

We go the Xtra (s)mile

Xtra human-Highligher-hart

Xtra talent

Our passion: growing the talents of individuals, teams and organisations. Our Xperts have extensive experience in assessment & development centers. Thanks to our strict methodology, we advise with a high predictive value.

Xtra human-Highligher-vinkje

Xtra personal

We work out a tailor-made coaching programme in which we look for the right balance between the needs of employer and employee. In doing so, our assessors take a personal approach with genuine interest in the context of the assignment.

Xtra human-Highligher-ster

Xtra flexible

Our digital approach allows us to move quickly and efficiently, scheduling and completing matters at very short notice. We ensure efficient planning of the assessments so that only a limited time investment is required from the candidate.

Xtra human-Highligher-19

Xtra candidate-oriented

We pay great attention to the 'candidate experience'. By creating a pleasant and personal environment, your talent can be observed in optimal conditions. We also organise professional and personal reflection moments all the time.

Premium partnership with Thalento

Since 2022, we have joined forces with Thalento in the field of Talent Management.
Through the Thalento platform, we link existing HR data to our data. This ensures optimal insights into your people analytics and allows you to further manage and develop the talents in your company even after our collaboration.