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Louis Brands

Talent Recruiter

Young Graduate program

Are you about to graduate? Or have you just left school? And do you have a great deal of “gusto” to get started as a consultant soon? We select a number of promising startups in Finance, HR and Marketing for our Young Graduates program. You will be prepared for your first steps in business. After a whole range of hands-on training and an unforgettable team building, you will be all set for your first project as a consultant!

Let's talk

Louis Brands

Talent Recruiter

Our Young Graduate Program

What to expect.

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  1. A practical training of 2 weeks: a refresher on key topics in your field, workshops to develop your soft skills, a challenging business case in team,…
  2. A 3-day team buildingso you can already unite with your colleagues: go-karting, a night drop, a cocktail workshop, a costume party,…
  3. Your first project as a consultant, in which you will be intensively supervised by our accredited coaches.
  4. You will attend relevant trainings to broaden or deepen your knowledge and participate in various Well feeling activities to spend quality time with your fellow consultants.

Our Young Grad's on the floor

Why clearxperts?

We go the Xtra (s)mile

Take a look behind the scenes

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Xtra human

At clearXperts, you are first and foremost "human. And each person offers something Xtra: from expertise to distinctive traits. You will find yourself in a warm, human environment, where you can and may remain yourself. Moreover, we organize a lot of activities for quality time to spend quality time with your colleagues: from vibrant afterworks, sports and cultural activities to team building abroad!

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Xtra experience

At clearXperts, we want to give you, as a motivated starter, the opportunity to build experience and grow. A job as a consultant is the ideal springboard for your career. You will build broad experience at top companies in a wide variety of industries in a short period of time.
This way you can discover which position and business environment suits you with the certainty of a permanent contract, so responsible job hopping ­čśë

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Xtra development

Together we will work with you to map out your career path and boost your self-development. You will be monitored by accredited coaches based on a personal development plan. We also provide extensive training offerings, including our clearXperts Academy in Finance, HR or Marketing.. We invite experienced trainers within the field to broaden or deepen your knowledge.

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Xtra attractive salary package

Of course, you will receive an attractive salary package with lots of Xtra legal benefits: a premium company car, meal vouchers,
hospitalization insurance,. In addition, we find a good work-life balance very important. Because you work according to a 40-hour work week, you will accrue 1 ADV day each month. Telecommuting is also possible, for this you will follow the guidelines of our internal policy.

Take a look behind the scenes

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