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Developing our talent to the full

How do we exceed expectations?

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For both our customers and our employees, we want to make a difference. This is why we do everything we can to develop the talent we have in-house to the best of our ability. By means of an extensive training offer and a personal development plan, we steer our consultants to become even better at what they love doing most. 

We are only truly satisfied when we exceed our customers’ expectations.That’s why we developed “ACES“, which stands for “Above Customer Expectations Survey”. 

  • At the start of each project, we identify and weigh up the client’s expectations.
  • Throughout the project, we check off how our consultants fulfil these expectations. If necessary, we will of course make adjustments.
  • Our consultants’ scores are also the basis for our annual evaluation interviews as well as for their personal development plan.


We currently have some
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